Your Future College Ministry

by Ginger Bowman on April 24, 2015 in announcement

What does the future hold for your college ministry? Are you losing key leaders this year? How will you replace them?
Before you get too stressed out, take a good look at your youth ministry. You just may be able to avoid those gaps in leadership by investing in the next generation of students coming into your group.

  • Connect with the youth ministry. If you are not already well connected with the youth ministry in your church take the time to do so. Attend some weekly meetings, and spend time with the youth ministry leaders to get to know who they see as potential leaders in the group.
  • Connect youth with college students. Use current college students as volunteer leaders in some youth events/retreats. These events will help current students build relationships with upcoming students and help motivate high school students to be involved in the college ministry.
  • Invest. Work with your youth minister and youth leaders to find opportunities to interact with key high school juniors and seniors. Begin investing in them and casting vision for being an active part of the college ministry when they graduate.
  • Be grateful. Youth ministry leaders have invested in the lives of students during their teenage years. Connecting them to the college ministry should be a natural transition that continues the work that they have begun. Thank them for their work, and help them see the great reward of watching those you've invested in lead out in this new stage of college life.

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