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by Ginger Bowman on April 26, 2017 in announcement

Believe it or not, graduation season is almost upon us again! It's an exciting time for those high school seniors as they celebrate finishing out their high school years and prepare for the next chapter of life. We've designed a website to help them continue their faith journey as they move on to new things. TexasFreshmen.com links students in Texas with a Baptist Student Ministry and/or a local church where they go to college. The sooner they make that connection, the more likely they will be to participate in a ministry during their freshmen year. We want your church to be a part of that connection. Here's what you need to know.

TexasFreshmen.com is a great resource for students! Be sure to share the website with graduating high school seniors or college students who will be transferring to another campus next semester. Help them get connected to a BSM and a church early so that someone can follow up with them before they arrive on campus in the fall.

Your church can be listed on TexasFreshmen.com in the Find a Church listing. We need your best, updated contact information to list your church on the site. To list your church, simply complete this year's brief Church CollegeMinistry Survey. If your church is already listed you will want to check to be sure we have current contact info. If not just complete the survey and we will add the correct information to the site.

You can get the list! As students and leaders enter the names of incoming freshmen on the website we send their info on to Baptist Student Ministry Directors who will be glad to share them with participating local Baptist churches for follow up. Don't have a BSM on your campus? We would love to connect those students to a local church! Contact Ginger Bowman this summer for any entries from your campus that may have come in.

Help us with TexasFreshmen.com! We would love to add blog entries and/or video testimonies from students about how your church college ministry has impacted them. Contact Ginger Bowman to contribute at ginger.bowman[at]texasbaptists.org.

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