What Happens After Spring Break?

by Ginger Bowman on March 15, 2018 in announcement

This week students from across the state will engage people with the gospel through spring break mission projects. They will be bold in sharing for this one week. What happens on mission could transform the way they live their lives if we are careful to help them connect the dots.

How can you communicate that the mission exists beyond an event? Here are a few thoughts:

Missions is not projects but people. The people students encountered on mission are living out their own lives as usual. Hopefully there was a plan in place to follow up with them after the week was over. If it involves your students, hold them accountable to that follow up. If it doesn't, be sure that they are aware that there is follow up from someone, that the people they met are real people who matter to God every day. Make a plan to pray for the people they ministered to during the week.

The mission is for here too. Several BSMs and churches have come back from the mission field and implemented similar strategies in their own locations. Whether it's free rides from the late night hangouts or engaging international students in a new way, help students implement the things they learned in their home context. Being on mission can happen wherever you are, and a mission trip can jump start new ministry in your local context.

Boldness is needed wherever you go. This week will be the first time some students have ever shared their faith with someone. The mission environment creates a sense of urgency and fosters boldness. What could happen if your students brought back that same urgency to their local campus? Encourage students to be bold on their own campus, to see those they encounter each day with fresh eyes. People on their campus need Jesus too, and the urgency to proclaim the gospel is the same wherever we go.

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