Welcoming the orphan, the stranger, the college student.

by Ginger Bowman on March 2, 2016 in announcement

Last week we talked about how opening your home to students can benefit your college ministry. Mark and Debbie Boucher, volunteer leaders at Valley Grove Baptist Church in Stephenville, have students in their homes on a regular basis. Here is a little of what Mark had to say about opening their home to students:

"Debbie and I meet on a regular basis (every Monday night) with our interns at the BSM. It is a time for them to unwind and get away from the business of the BSM. We also meet with 4 members of the track team on Fridays and do a meal and Bible study. We have been meeting with them for three years, and they are like family. We started a new thing this semester where we do a cooking class at 6 and a Bible study at 7. We have taught them to cook Chinese, Vietnamese, middle eastern, Mexican and Texan. We have averaged about 15 and have started reaching some of those that are on the edge not sure of the Christ way of life. We have been studying Acts and showing them how the church can grow from sharing a meeting and spending time in the Word. We also have a couple of students that live with us and they are bringing people over as well. God is blessing in a great way."

The picture above is of a progressive dinner Valley Grove recently hosted for college students. "We had 54 students come," says Mark, "some we had never met before." It is a simple but effective ministry strategy. Mark and Debbie, like many other college leaders, are using the gift of hospitality to invest in the lives of college students, and they are seeing it bear fruit in the lives of those they welcome into their home.

Do you have students in your home often? Share your story with us here on our facebook page.

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