Updating Your Contacts.

by Ginger Bowman on September 2, 2015 in announcement

What does your college/young adult contact list look like? With all of their crazy traffic patterns, it can be difficult to keep up with this age group and find those with whom you've lost contact. Maybe it's time to refresh your list. Here are a few bits of help:

  1. Start with this year's freshmen. Work through the contacts that have just come into the college department. For those that haven't been to church in a while, this new beginning point in life might be a great time for them to reconnect. Call them and personally invite them to join you for a special event or weekly Bible study time. For best results, as often as possible, have students who have relational connections with them make the phone calls.
  2. Brainstorm current connections. Have a brainstorming session with the students active in your group. Distribute sticky notes and ask the group to write down the names, and contact info if possible, for every person they can think of that might be a potential prospect for the group. Stick all of the names on the wall. Pray for them, then distribute them to those most closely connected to follow up and personally invite them.
  3. Have a "Who do YOU know?" campaign. Ask church members to share contact information for those they know might be potential prospects for your college ministry. Provide cards for them to enter names and phone numbers/email, etc. Designate a cell number they to which they can send contact info. if they wish. And provide a link and a suggested message they can send to their contacts in case they don't feel comfortable sharing info, ie: "Hey! Just wanted you to know about our church's college/young adult ministry. Here's a link to the info: Let me know if you want to come with me some time and check it out." Host a table in the foyer of the worship center, or run a slide before or after services with the contact number. Visit other age group departments on Sunday morning and ask for their help. Post the info to the church website, Twitter feed, Facebook, etc.
  4. Ask the Baptist Student Ministry Director. If your church is close to a college campus in Texas you can ask the BSM Director to share contact info for new students. Or better yet, if you haven't already, find a time to go and visit the BSM and meet students on the campus in person.
  5. Remember students reach students best. Remind your group that they are the best strategy to grow your group. Challenge them to see their time in class and on the job as opportunities to invite friends to know Jesus and connect with your community of believers. Nothing beats a personal invite from a friend.

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