Unpacking the Summer

by Ginger Bowman on August 13, 2019 in announcement

Whether it was South Asia or South Texas, a week or full summer, students are returning to your ministry with experiences they will need to unpack. They often come home to the same routine but feel as if they are not the same. Help them to process what they are feeling and what they have experienced by listening and asking good questions.

Need some help? The Go Now Missions staff has prepared some great material to help you with debriefing. Find the pdf document here. If you need extra help feel free to call the Go Now office at 817.277.4077.

Be sure to celebrate the summer by giving them opportunities to share with other students at gatherings or over coffee. Help them think through what would be the best stories from their summer to share with a group. Testimonies of fellow students are the best way to challenge other students to serve in the coming year.

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