Top 5 Needs of Church College Ministry: 3. Resources.

by Ginger Bowman on February 3, 2016 in announcement

As we consult with church college ministry leaders and pastors in our state, there are some recurring themes. I've chosen 5 of the most common to focus on as we start the year. Here is the third need.

3. Resources.
It can be difficult to find the right Bible study or small group resource for college students and young adults, and where do we start? What do students really need? How can we be sure we are connecting with them? Fortunately, right now there are many good resources available for college ministry. Here are a few suggestions for leading students and a few to help leaders know this generation better.

1. Bible Study Resources
Lifeway has several good resources available:
Short-term studies are available covering a range of topics or books of the Bible, like Chase the Goose, by Mark Batterson, Connect the Dots by Mike Hurt, Birds and Bees by Gregg Matte, and Abide by Jared Wilson. Some offer video segments to use in teaching. Most have study guides that can be bought and used throughout the week. These studies are also good for discussion-based small groups.
Longer-term studies are also available and can be part of a curriculum designed for the whole church. Both Bible Studies for Life and Explore the Bible have components specifically for young adults. The Gospel Project does not have a young adult-specific study but is customizable for young adults. Find these resources at

Life Bible Study is a good option and offers most studies online. Price is based on the size of your group. Both long-term studies and short-term studies are available and each lesson has a variety of teaching plan options including college/young adult. Long-term studies are designed for a year and include Yahweh: Divine Encounters in the Old Testament and Ekklesia: The Unstoppable Movement of God. Short-term studies for small groups include Awestruck: Celebration of God (A study in Psalms) and Collisions: My Expectations – God’s Character (Four key encounters in Genesis)
Find these studies at

Texas Baptist Collegiate Ministry has 3 series of studies for college students available throughBaptistWay Press. Designed for small group study, these studies address specific areas of spiritual formation that students are often missing. Find these Bible studies available for free from BaptistWay Press at

2. Resources for Leaders of College Students
Here are some of our favorite reads for working with college students and young adults. These would be great to give to a college leader/teacher to help them better understand and connect with the students they lead.
Generation iY: Secrets to Connecting With Today’s Teens & Young Adults in the Digital Age, Tim Elmore, Poet Gardener Publishing, 2015. Great read on this young adult generation and how we can connect with the.
College Ministry in a Post-Christian Culture, Stephen Lutz, The House Studio, 2011. An overview of college ministry in the current cultural climate and what matters most when engaging today's students.
The Slow Fade: Why You Matter in the Story of Twentysomethings, Reggie Joiner, Chuck Bomar, AbbieSmith, David C. Cook Publishing, 2010. A great read for potential mentors with college students. Helps in understanding today's students and why adults are crucial to their spiritual development.
College Ministry from Scratch, Chuck Bomar, ZondervanPress, 2010. If you're just starting a college ministry or a college Bible study, this book is for you. Bomar helps leaders focus on the essentials for college ministry.
Lost and Found: The Younger Unchurched and the Churches that Reach Them, Ed Stetzer, Richie Stanley and Jason Hayes. Lifeway, 2009. Still a great read on the cultural shift that has occurred and how the church can still connect with young adults.

There are many other resources that we could list, but this is a great start.
Got a favorite resource you want to share? Maybe you have one to add to the list? Share it with us here on our facebook page.

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