The Spring Fall Connection

by Ginger Bowman on April 5, 2017 in announcement

You made it through Spring Break! It's tempting to put your ministry on cruise control as you head for the end of the semester, but now is not the time to slow down. These next few weeks could determine the strength of your ministry in the fall.

Church college ministry doesn't change quite as drastically in the summer, and may in fact pick up with the return of students who have gone away to other campuses. Nonetheless, the students you have at the end of the spring semester will likely be your core group in the fall. So, now is the time to cultivate leaders from among this group of students if you haven't already.

Students reach students. In his book, College Ministry in a Post-Christian Culture, Stephen Lutz writes, "Rather than being passive consumers of ministry, students are called to jump in with the same missional charge. They make the best campus missionaries. After all, they're the ones who join the clubs, sit in the classes, play on the teams, and lead student government. They're the ones who get to have the deep conversations at 2:00 am in the dorm when someone pours their heart out."* So true. Why wouldn't we equip them to lead?

Cast vision. Next fall is likely not on the radar for students right now. They are trying to get through the semester and thinking about what they will do this summer. Start talking about the fall now. Cast a vision for what the fall ministry could be. Begin to pray together about what God would have you do to reach students this fall.

Start where they are. Some may not be quite ready to lead a ministry or disciple other students. Start by discipling them personally and preparing them to do the same when they are ready. Plant the seed by letting them know that you think they can disciple someone else in the near future. Pray together about who that might be. Ask potential leaders to help you plan an event or ministry this spring or summer. Then give them responsibility for specific tasks that will help to build their confidence in leading.

Pray for workers. Pray Luke 10:2 for your ministry, that God would send workers for the harvest fields. Pray that He would open your eyes to see potential leaders that maybe you haven't noticed before. Pray that He would begin to raise up leaders from among your group that will be ready for the work he has for your church in the new school year.

*Lutz, Stephen. College Ministry in a Post-Christian Culture, 2011, pg 71.

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