Student Leaders & the Local Church

by Ginger Bowman on January 23, 2019 in announcement

We have heard all of the statistics about students who leave their faith behind when they go to college, but what about the ones who didn’t? As I have read applications and gotten to know the students serving on this year’s Lead Team (pictured above), I have taken note of the impact that the local church has had on many of these student leaders. What made the difference for the ones who stay connected to their faith and the church? One common thread among these leaders is that they served, and continue to do so.

Here are some of the things they listed that they have done in their local churches:
- VBS leader -Sound and media -Childcare worker -Social media team - Youth sponsor -worship band -Sunday school teacher -Hospitality team -Student music ministry section leader -Mission trip member -Long range planning -Youth Worship Band -preached some Sundays when my pastor was out -parking -Handbell director assistant -planned youth group activities -youth small group leader

In big and small ways these students have played an active role in their local churches. They know that being a part of the body of Christ means more than being a spectator. They are invested, and because they are invested they have seen God at work in and through their local church. As we begin a new year, how can we invite more students not to just show up for our college ministry activities, but to find a place to serve and invest?

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