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by Ginger Bowman on June 11, 2019 in announcement

If you're looking for a resource to place in the hands of those freshmen who are heading off to campus this fall, you might want to consider King of the Campus by Stephen Lutz. There are several resources out there for freshmen students. Many of them have great content warning students of some of the pitfalls and problems they will face when they arrive at college. However, Lutz challenges students to go beyond "staying Christian" and pursue God and all that He has for them in this new season of life.
Here's a bit of the challenge:

Amid the opportunity, life and vitality of college, there is a better way. Different from a list of "don'ts" that leave you bored and alone on Friday night, we can have an active life that is engaged with the world around us- one that is not characterized by fear, but by faith, freedom, and joy. We do have a positive agenda, and it's a purpose and a mission that is far greater than any campus website can promise you. What is this purpose? The kingdom of God.

King of the Campus is a discipleship handbook for the college years, covering the basics as well as spiritual disciplines and practices for growing faith. Lutz calls students to re-examine the Christian life. He calls them to a vibrant life of following Jesus. Students are asked to move beyond "vampire Christianity" to a faith that is active daily. Lutz does a great job explaining holiness and the reason to pursue it. We are to move beyond behaviorism to follow Christ out of our relationship with him.

The usual challenges of college life, partying, sex, cheating and the like are also covered well. Lutz addresses the notion that students can have different "lives" apart from one another, noting that eventually all of those "lives" come together to make you who you really are. He challenges students to live lives of integrity and authenticity. King of the Campus is written with this generation of college students in mind. It well addresses the mindsets and challenges of this generation of students. It would be a great book to share with students heading to campus for the first time. Or use it in a retreat or study setting. Each chapter ends with scripture to study and discussion questions that relate to the subject matter.

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