Making the Most of First Connections

by Ginger Bowman on August 29, 2019 in announcement

New students are on campus! As new students visit your ministry and events, how do you follow up with them? Having a well defined plan for follow up is crucial to making long lasting connections.

Keep it clear & simple.
There are so many different ways to collect contacts now. From QR codes to Google forms, Survey Monkey and a plethora of sign up apps. No more deciphering bad handwriting on a 3x5 card! But the 3x5 card can still be effective, and is handy when your internet connection is bad. Whatever you do, make it simple and easy to sign up.

Collect key information that will make it easy to follow up with students later: name, phone number, and maybe email. Give students options for what they are most interested in. Do they want more info about the church or college ministry? Would they like to know more about who Jesus is? Would they like to study the Bible? Do they need a ride to church? Quick check boxes are an easy way for students to share their interests and give those following up a place to start the next conversation.

Consider the context.
If you're collecting information from students at a big event on campus, it's likely not many students will want to fill out anything lengthy. Use a QR code they can scan quickly on their phone to take them to the sign up form. As an incentive, consider collecting information in conjunction with a prize drawing (gift cards, thumb drives, tv, etc.).

Commit to follow up.
Don't let those contacts grow cold! Follow up right away with students to know if they are interested in further contact from your church. Have students help make those connections the next day if possible. Personal is better. If you can, make a visit, or a phone call so that students can be greeted person to person. We know some students will only reply to text, but make that your last resort, and be sure it's not just a group text. Remember personal is better!

What is your plan for follow up with new students? We would love to hear your creative ideas! Let us know on our Facebook page here.

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