Hiding God's Word in Their Hearts: True Story

by Ginger Bowman on March 1, 2017 in announcement

Scripture memorization plays a vital role in the personal growth of a mature believer and should not be neglected. I first came to know the Lord when I was in Junior High and was quickly discipled by my youth pastor. Each week, he asked me to memorize a verse off a packet he had typed up for me with verses that he claimed you need to know as a follower of Christ. Memorization at that point in my life was more of a challenge than a joy. This discipline went to the wayside in college until I became a Campus Missionary Intern and was challenged to memorize close to fifteen verses a semester. Little did I know that mindset of scripture memorization as a have to would become a true and utter joy.

In my time as a CMI, I've learned that your ability or want to memorize God's word is a direct reflection of your desire to want to grow in the Lord. Psalm 119: 11 mentions the idea of "hiding His word on your heart so that you will not sin against Him." My utmost ambition in life is to jump for joy in the Lord like David did. I desire that close intimacy that he had. Scripture memory has helped fuel that desire. Not only am I reading God's word, but I am implementing it as an active part of my daily life. It helps me experience "the peace of God, which surpasses all understanding." Does scripture memorization play an active part in your ability to find rest in the Lord? Our desire to grow in the Lord is reflected in our ability to memorize His word.

What's made this even more joyful is seeing this become contagious to the young men that I disciple on a weekly basis. They have become my accountability group. One of my students, Jesus Cruz, memorized close to an entire chapter in 1 Chronicles. None of this was done out of a have to, but out of pure joy in his heart. Hiding God's word in his heart has become a discipline of joy in his personal growth with the Lord.

Hunter Fountain is Campus Missionary Intern for Texas BSM at Stephen F Austin State University.

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