Finding Balance in Summer Ministry

by Ginger Bowman on May 18, 2016 in announcement

Finals have come and gone for most campuses, and now the summer begins. For most church college ministries, now is not the time to take a break, just regroup for a different season of ministry, sometimes even busier than the school year. So how do we do summer well and still be ready for the fall?

  • Recognize your own limitations. You cannot do it all, at least not for long. At some point, living in the fray takes its toll. If you are not aware of your own need to rest and refresh, how can you be available to minister to the students in your ministry? Set some personal goals for you to take a vacation, refresh spiritually, and spend time with family. Then make those goals priorities and appointments that you will not break.
  • Be aware of unique summer ministry opportunities. There will be students that come home for the summer or only come in the summer because their schedule has freed them up to do so. Be sure that you or another leader seizes the opportunity to pour into that student for the summer. It may make a great difference in their next semester at school.
  • Stay connected to the year round and/or school year group. Set goals for the summer that move your group ahead for the fall, and follow up with them throughout the summer. Let them know that you are still praying and thinking about what will happen in the fall. Plan meetings or conference calls periodically to track progress.

What does your summer ministry look like? We'd love to hear about it.
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