Easter Sunday Opportunity

by Ginger Bowman on April 26, 2017 in announcement

It's a busy week in the life of the church. Resurrection Week. No doubt you have plenty on your plate this week. In the midst of the hubub don't miss out on the great opportunity you will have to connect with students old and new.

The old. Students you haven't seen in a while will likely come home for the weekend to spend the holiday with their families. Then, in a few weeks they will be back for the summer break. This Sunday is a great time to catch up with them and reconnect. Invite them to join you during the semester break. Is there a fellowship, retreat or mission trip planned that they could be a part of? Encourage key leaders in your group to seek out those that have been away and visit with them. Students often avoid coming back to the collegegroup because they are afraid they will not know anyone. This Sunday could help them reconnect this summer.

The New. There are plenty of students living in your community that do not attend churchanywhere. Non-church attenders are more likely to attend on Christmas and Easter, so it's possible that you will have new students and young adults in your congregation this Sunday. Make the most of this opportunity by recruiting some key collegestudents to serve as greeters this week. Encourage them to seek out new students and young adults to visit with before and after the service. If you are able to get their contact information, make a plan for follow up.

There are so many great ideas for ministry during the Easter season, and it's likely that you are already busy with some of those. Sometimes we are so busy planning and serving those in our group we miss the simple opportunities before us. This Sunday ask the Lord to give you and your students eyes to see those He brings your way. We serve a risen Savior; what a blessing that we get to share Him with those around us.

Celebrating Jesus with you this week!
Ginger Bowman

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