Cultivating a heart for mission.

by Ginger Bowman on October 7, 2015 in announcement

In our "selfie-centered" world, how do we help students see beyond themselves and have a heart for the nations? In general, this generation of students wants to make a difference in the world, but do they know where to start? Here are a few ideas.

Help them see the need. Ask your students how many of them watch the news or check in on CNN or another news site regularly. Our customized world of communication makes it easy for most students to never see the needs of the world around them. Take every opportunity to make them aware of the needs in their own community, and then in the world as a whole. Create service opportunities for them to encounter the needs of their community. Ask a student to report to the group on an issue like human trafficking, clean water, or persecution. Share statistics about unreached people groups, and the unchurched to help them get a better picture of the need to be on mission.

Pray. Students who are praying for missions and missionaries often become students who go. Use websites and mission resources like to help them know how to pray. Designate specific times when your group will pray for mission needs. Select a missionary or people group for your group to "adopt." Commit to praying for them regularly.

Give. Even on a college budget students need to learn how to give sacrificially. Select a mission ministry and plan a special emphasis for students to give. It may be in conjunction with a church emphasis, but make a special emphasis tailored to the college ministry. Ask them to give up something specific in their week, sonic drinks, coffee, music downloads. Is a student in your ministry going on mission? Take up a special offering for them. Help students to see the direct kingdom impact that their contributions make by sharing and celebrating what is happening on the field.

Go. Go local or go global, but be sure your students have opportunities to be on mission. This generation needs to experience what it means to be on mission. They need to see it first hand and close up. Provide opportunities for them to go and serve. Encourage them to serve individually for the summer, semester or on a short-term trip. Look through the Go Now opportunities and share any particular assignments that you think may fit someone in your group. Challenge them to pray about what God would have them do.
The experiences they have will help them have a heart for missions that prays, gives and serves long after they have left your ministry.

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