Congratulations! You Made it to Summer.

by Ginger Bowman on May 20, 2015 in announcement

You made it through the spring semester! Summer is upon us, and we know you want to fire up the grill and head to the beach, but church college ministry doesn't stop in the summer. In fact, we know that for many of you, this may be the busiest time of the year.

As you're attending graduations and saying goodbye to the outgoing seniors, you're also welcoming home students that have been away at school, and helping them reconnect with those who have stayed. For some, this is an important time to reconnect with their faith. What happens in their lives this summer could guide them into a more consistent walk with Jesus when they return to campus in the fall. Here are a few ideas to help make the transition:

  • Host a Welcome Summer party. Enlist active students to personally invite returning students to come. Food, fellowship and a few "get to know you" type games can help create connectedness among students. Use the event as a kick-off to summer activities and Bible studies.
  • Put it in writing. Have a calendar and/or list of all that you intend to do over the summer that includes dates/times and details so that students who are in and out for vacations and work obligations can still know what is going on. Post it online, facebook, instagram, print it, text it.... You know, whatever works for your group these days!
  • Create a common cause. Groups on mission together create close connections. Find a mission project, trip or service that your group can contribute to through the summer. Relationships will grow out of the shared experiences and students can take pride in what they have accomplished together as a group.
  • Think short-term. Find a Bible study that works for the time frame that you will have this particular group of students, a 6-week study or 2-3 shorter series. No one wants to come into a Bible study and feel like they have missed something. As you plan your content, consider what will benefit the group most.
  • Continue to invest in the year-round students. Those students who have been with you all year need to continue to feel valued as the group dynamic changes. Give them leadership responsibilities during the summer. Continue to invest in them. Include them in your planning for fall ministry.

And don't forget about those incoming freshmen who just graduated from the youth ministry. That's another post entirely! Oh, and while you're busy doing all of this summer ministry, do find some time to fire up the grill and go to the beach. It just might help you do college ministry a little longer.

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