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by Ginger Bowman on December 15, 2016 in announcement

We love to share great resources with you, and Growing Young from Fuller Youth Institute is one of those! We have all heard the statistics about the decline in church attendance in the 18-30 age bracket. Multiple resources have addressed the trends in declining attendance and faith practice in this age demographic. Growing Young is a refreshing look at churches who are bucking the trend and are doing well at reaching and engaging young adults in church and in their faith.

Kara Powell, Jake Mulder and Brad Griffin have combined a broad range of research with a variety of case studies and stories from 250 churches around the U.S. These stories highlight what is working with young adults in these churches. And they are not all large churches, hip churches or churches next to college campuses. "For young people today, relational warmth is the new cool."* This book offers something for ever church. Growing Young is designed to help you find solutions that fit your church for reaching young adults in your community.

You will also want to check out the website: for more information on the project and the resulting research. There is also an online assessment tool to help your church discover how well you are doing connecting with young adults. We recommend you put Growing Young on your Christmas list or give it to leaders in your ministry this year!
*Growing Young, Powell, Mulder, & Fuller, Baker Books, 2016, p.26.

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