4 Things to Do Now to Jump Start Your Fall Ministry

by TXBSM on August 6, 2018 in announcement

Enjoy soaking up the lazy days of summer, but don't forget that the school year starts in just a few weeks. The start of the fall semester is the most critically strategic time to reach students. Here are four things to do now that will help your ministry year get off to a great start!

1. Have a year-long plan in place. You don’t have to know every detail but have a plan. Students will want to follow you if they know where you are going. Keep it simple and clear. How will they grow? What will they be a part of?

2. Recruit volunteers now. Both students and adult leaders can play an important role in reaching out to new students. Cast vision for who you want to reach this year. Ask them to join you in that mission, then train and prepare them for outreach.

3. Pray for the work ahead. Involve your students, volunteers and your church in praying for the fall semester and new students coming to your local campus. Have prayer gatherings, send prayer reminders and add specific requests to church prayer lists.

4. Be aware of current opportunities. Students are coming to campus for preview days, registration, etc. There may be openings right now to interact with incoming freshmen. Call your local BSM Director or the campus student life office to ask about any ways your church could serve incoming freshmen. Remember to always follow campus protocol to insure your church continues to have a good relationship with your local campus.

What do you do in the summer to jump-start the fall semester? Tell us on our Facebook page!

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